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[:en]Our suggested itineraries – always guaranteed and available from a minum of 2 persons – are marked by that “human touch”, which belongs to this land with a long tradition of hospitality. Nothing is left to chance in order to create an authentic and direct link with the local people, so that you can “taste” and appreciate every detail.

On request we can arrange tailored itineraries to offer new emotions that will make unique and memorable your stay in this wonderful region.

The promotion of our territory within events, such as national and international fairs, workshops, meetings ecc., has the aim to develop new partnerships with northern Europe, United States, China or Latin America, trying to create an uniform identity and a unique product to attract tourists to our region, which could generate richness for our local economy.

We organize activities in cooperation with the schools to make the youth more sensitive to our territory because they represent our future. We aim to transmit, to make known and to respect our local heritage to them.[:]

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